– NEXT: Exhibition Lost Paradise, video-installation at Vargas Museum curated by Patrick Flores [Manila, The Philippines].** Supported by The Embassy of Spain in the Philippines and the Instituto Cervantes de Manila / Subdirección General de Cooperación y Promoción Internacional de la Cultura del MECD.
– February – June 2018: Performance art course at Remiendo, Escuela Integral de Arte Dramático [Granada, Spain].
– February 2018: In All the Wrong Places, live performance at Galeria Ana Lama [Lisbon, Portugal].
– 16th October – 18th November 2017: launching of El campo unificado, The Unifiedfield´s third artist-in-residence program [Castellar de la Frontera, Spain].
– 23th – 29th June 2017: Acción! Performance art workshop. Ongoing Collab /Fine Arts Faculty, University of Granada [Granada, Spain].
– February 2017: I Will Miss You, live performance at La Expositiva [Granada, Spain].
– January 2017:  Artist-in-residence at Pineapple Lab Arts And Performance Hub. As part of my residency, I conducted a performance art workshop on the 8th and 11th January and on the 15th presented the live performance “I Will Miss You / Regression series” [Manila, The Philippines].
– Nov 2016: Lecture – presentation about The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program at VIVA ExCon, Visual Arts Conference [Iloilo, The Philippines].
– October – December 2016: Production of Future Communities: a collaborative art project envisioning future sustainable models of community life in Mindanao, funded by The National Commission for Culture and the Arts. [Davao, The Philippines.].
– 4th September 2016: live performance Te Extrañaré at Museo La Neomudéjar [Madrid, Spain].
– 7th – 21st August 2016: The Eroles Project: Creating Resilience [Eroles, Spain].
– 7th April 2016: Interview at nosotros-art.com about my work, The Unifiedfield and The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines.
– 24th November 2015: Premiere of the live sound performance I Will Miss You / Regression series at Future of Imagination, International Performance Art Festival [Singapore]. *With the support of the Mobility Grant of the AC/E Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) / Beca de Movilidad del Programa AC/E para la Internacionalización de la Cultura Española (PICE), Acción Cultural Española.
– 14th November 2015: Performance Regresión: Acción!MAD 15. Nave 16, Matadero [Madrid, Spain].












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